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My name is John Nikolaou and I have more than 26 years of experience in the area of Greek Translations as well as  Interpretations.  I have extensive  expertise in Translation, Proofreading and Interpretation.  Some highlights of my talents include:


~  Sworn translator of the Greek Consulate of Los Angeles

~  Trained by the Department of State in Washington DC

~  Registered with the Superior Court of Southern California.

~  Expert in Maritime terminology, Scientific and Legal.


One would find the art of Interpretation to be an art all by itself. I am also very well versed in the art of Greek Interpretations. In particular, I excel at these areas of Intepretation:

            ~ Consecutive

            ~ Court

            ~ Escort

            ~ Simultaneous


I have a vast range of experience in several areas: Business, Computers, Engineering, Entertainment, Industry & Technology, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences as well as Social Sciences.



Prices vary by location and wording. Please call for a free quote.
Cell 714-815-3330
Nikolaou Quality Greek Translations  * 4310 E Addington Drive * Anaheim, CA * US * 92807 *