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News Article for June, 2008



Welcome to John Nikolaou Greek Translations! I have been asked to write an article regarding my premiere expertise, Greek technical translations. My particular emphasis has been in the area of Marine Biology. However, I have had opportunities to expand also into the area of Greek legal and certified translations. In my opinion, the demand for technical translation work in Greek will always be high.


The Greeks and Romans have long been considered the icons of classical studies. It is true honor today to say that I am a professional Greek technical translator. It brings me no greater joy than to offer the art of fine translation skills to solve the needs of my clients.  For some, this may be a daunting task, but for me it is one of pure satisfaction; of knowing that a job has been well done. In many ways, our profession is likened to that of an ancient Greek sculptor, or artist.


I feel that it is most critical with Greek technical translations to correctly convey the delicate nuances which my clients are are wishing to express. My years of polished expertise will ensure that the accurate and precise meaning of the written word will be maintained throughout the Greek translation process.  Technical translation work is indeed a most refined science. I am honored to say that I have chosen this profession. And, I will always strive to best serve the wishes of my clients.


Most respectfully,

John Nikolaou



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